I have moved 13 times. Some might call that unlucky. I don’t. By the time I turned 15, I had lived in four very different states, and this quasi-nomadic lifestyle was perhaps the strongest formative experience of my youth. I credit that lifestyle for the following traits:

I love to travel.

I’m an introvert.

I’m very self-reliant.

I love the written word.


The first three might seem obvious, but the fourth isn’t as self-explanatory. Let me put it this way: When you’re “the new girl,” a role I played time and again, you take companionship wherever you can get it: my mom, my older brother, our Lhasa Apso … and reading and writing.

Around fifth grade, I started scrawling short stories in a spiral-bound notebook, complete with illustrations, and I soon graduated to my father’s electric typewriter. By the early ’90s, I was hammering out stories on an early laptop. (And I mean early. This thing must have been a prototype; it ran on MS-DOS and only had a word processor.) I even created my own magazines using clippings from my mom’s Glamour and Vanity Fair, as well as the occasional LL Bean catalog.

Needless to say, I excelled in school subjects where reading and writing were involved (English, history) and less than excelled at numbers-based subjects (math, physics). Senior year, I earned a bit of fame among my magnet school peers by scoring a perfect 800 on my SAT verbal.

I went on to major in magazine journalism, figuring that long-form writing would fit the fiction lover in me. Not only was that belief confirmed, but, via design and photography classes, I learned that I have a pretty good eye, too. Since then, I’ve been writing and editing on staff at lifestyle magazines throughout the state, as well as freelancing for local and national publications.

Combining compelling stories with striking aesthetics is the ultimate creative high – and I’m always chasing the next one.






Still here? I’m also a Ravenclaw, a dachshund owner, a Sharpie hoarder, a Florida Gator, a bookworm, a caffeine fiend, a lifetime Rolling Stone susbscriber, a lefty and a George RR Martin fanatic. 





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